Kimberly Kisselovich is in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!

Tune in to Channel 5 to watch Kimberly Kisselovich in action in the BB House!!

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Kimberly Kisselovich is an internationally published glamour and commercial model. Some publications include Tresor Paris, Playboy, and Lynx. Her ethnicity is Czech, French, and Spanish and is a first generation American. Her versatile look and slim frame has allowed her to model both lingerie and fashion.

She was born and raised in California and then left to England shortly after her high school graduation. After a few years of meeting new people and exploring Europe, she stumbled into modeling for an international fitness campaign. After this, she started getting photo shoots from several professional photographers. A few castings later, she moved into shooting commercials and then eventually found herself in LA posing for Playboy and has had several pictorals since.

You probably know Kimberly Kisselovich from her Cybergirl status in Playboy or her appearances on Playboy TV; however, you would be surprised to know she has a lot more to offer than just a pretty face. Kimberly has a passion for exploring and learning new skills and this does not stop at modeling. She is a trained martial artist, an open-water scuba diver, a snowboarder- and oh yea, she also has a law degree. As you can see, her playboy pictorals are not the only thing well rounded about her.

Kimberly really enjoys having such an international fan base and tries her best to engage with them on her twitter and Facebook. She is always open to interesting conversation and networking so feel free to drop her a line. Topics that are of interest to her are; art, philosophy, health and nutrition, and of course glamour.

Although Kimberly is currently in London, she is open to traveling for events and photo shoots so contact her with details and she will get back to you as soon as appropriate.





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